Community Groups

Know Jesus. Love Others. Find Purpose. Make a Change.
This fall we are running Alpha around tables during our Sunday morning Gatherings, and so some of our groups won’t be meeting separately until the new year.

Caring n Sharing

Karen Block
Purpose: We are a group seeking community. We are seeking to create a place where it is safe to tell our stories. We seek to encourage, care for, and spur each other on to deeper relationships with God, self, and each other and to the world beyond our door. We will spend part of our time meditating on God's word and in prayer for each other.

When: Wednesdays 7 - 8:30pm
Contact: Karen Block 306-491-7215


Brian and Aimee Wiens
Purpose: We call ourselves TSGWMLBATLG (The Small Group With Many Little Boys And Three Little Girls), which kind of says what our group is about. We are a group of parents looking for spiritual encouragement and support as we find creative ways to serve others as we are able.
Normally (pre- and post- COVID), we share a simple meal together and have some child-care after we eat to spend time talking and praying with each other.

When: Monday nights weekly
Contact: Brian 306-914-2954

Growing and Learning from Each Other and God

Chris and Caitlyn Schindel
Purpose: We are a small group with a lot of kids! We meet twice monthly and our focus is on growing and learning from each other and God. We are also focused on building community and serving each other and others.


Caitlin for more info